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When someone calls your company you may need to put them on hold.

Instead of leaving the line quiet, or worse still a rendition of Green sleeves we have arranged some of our much loved music for you to download and use On Hold. After all, you want them to stay on the phone.

All our On Hold music carries a guaranteed lifetime license.

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All our titles are available as mp3 downloads



Ghost Written

Shop til you Drop

Ghost written 2.mp3 Shop til you drop 1.mp3


Atmo 80 1.mp3


Atmospheric 1.mp3

Atmo Groove

Atmo groove 1.mp3

Love under the Sun

Love under the sun 1.mp3

My Sunday Morning Chill Out

Strawberry Mojitos

Batu Batu

1.Batu Batu.mp3

£9.99 all tracks lifetime license, MP3 download.

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